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Mehrunisha Suleman

Mehrunisha Suleman

Mehrunisha Suleman


DPhil Student

Mehrunisha Suleman is a DPhil student in Public Health studying the “The Ethics of Global Health Research in Developing Countries and Exploring the Importance of an Islamic Perspective”. Her research is being supervised by Professor Mike Parker and Professor Ray Fitzpatrick.

She completed a BA in the Biomedical Sciences Tripos at the University of Cambridge, followed by clinical studies and an MSc in Global Health Sciences, at Oxford University.

Before joining Ethox, she has been working with Sir Muir Gray on the Department of Health's QIPP Right Care Programme. She has been involved in the design and construction of Population Based Accountable Integrated Care Systems, as well as developing an online tool for commissioners, clinicians and patient groups on health care systems design. She is co-editor of the NHS Atlas of Variation for Diabetes and Liver Disease.

Away from work and studying, she enjoys exploring Oxford’s many libraries and cafes as well as working on her very first crime novel!