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Harriet Teare

Deputy Director, HeLEX

Dr Harriet Teare’s research interests relate to the role of participants in medical research, and improving governance infrastructure to support communication and interactive engagement. She contributes to a number of specific research projects, including providing research governance and ethical support to the DIRECT project – an IMI-JU funded collaboration exploring stratification in Type 2 diabetes, the Rudy project – a research network for rare diseases of the blood, bone and joints, and leads a work package focusing on consent in the Genetics Clinic of the Future – a Horizon 2020 project mapping the complex challenges that will need to be tackled to introduce genome sequencing more widely into the clinic. Harriet obtained a DPhil in Chemistry from Merton College, Oxford, and previously worked as a senior policy advisor at Cancer Research UK, focusing on policy issues relating to science and research, and public health.