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Selection criteria for admission

Full details of the selection criteria for admission to the four year funded (four year funded) programme in Population Health are available on the Graduate Admissions and Funding webpage for this course.

Applying to the University

All applications for graduate study are processed on the University's Student System. Please visit the Applying for graduate study pages for full details.

Candidates are advised to refer to the Application Guide and selection criteria prior to making an application. An application fee of £50 per programme is required prior to uploading your complete application; this fee is payable only once at the point of initial application for the four year funded programme.

College Membership 

The University of Oxford is a collegiate university. When you receive an offer from the department then your application will also be considered for a place at a college. You can state a college preference on your application form or, if you have no particular preference, you will be assigned to a college. Details of the colleges that accept students on to four year funded programme can be found on the Graduate Admission and Funding website; please note that typically most four year funded students would remain at the same College for both elements of the programme, and in some cases this may be required to ensure continuity of the funding.

Application Deadlines

Admission to the four year funded programme for entry in October 2016: Applications to the four year funded programme close at 12 noon UK time on 8 January 2016.  Applications which are not completed by that deadline will not be considered.  Candidates applying before 12 noon UK time on 8 January 2016 will be considered for full funding from a number of possible sources including NDPH, the Wellcome Trust, MRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, CRUK, British Heart Foundation, the Clarendon Fund, Oxford Colleges and numerous charitable sources.

Admission to the DPhil element of the four year funded programme commencing in October 2017: applications for the DPhil element must be submitted by the early January deadline in 2017.  The exact deadline will be confirmed in summer 2016.