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Dphil research projects for entry in october 2016

You are invited to consider a list of research projects offered by the department or submit your own research proposal for consideration.

The DPhil programme is currently closed to new applications for entry in October 2016.  Admissions will re-open on 1st September 2016 for entry in October 2017.

Research Projects offered by the Department for 2017 entry

The Department of Population Health will be offering an extensive list of research projects available to potential DPhil students applying for admission in October 2017. 

Full details will be available on this site from Thursday 1st September 2016.

You will be invited to:

  • Review the list of projects offered and choose one that most interests you.
  • Contact one of the named supervisors associated with the project to discuss your preferred project with a view to developing a brief research proposal based on the project.  This will become part of your formal application.

This is a competitive process, and it is therefore possible that candidates may be offered a place on a different project following interview. All projects listed are preliminary in nature and the details, including training and fieldwork, may change before or during study.

Candidate's own research project

Candidates who wish to submit their own research proposal are required to review departmental research, identify a suitable supervisor from within the department and secure their agreement in principle to act as a supervisor, prior to submitting their formal application for the programme.  To see the list of potential supervisors please visit the link then click the 'DPhil Supervisors' tab.

The availability of appropriate supervision and research opportunities will govern whether the department is able offer a place to a DPhil candidate with their own research proposal.

Applications submitted without following this process and without securing supervision beforehand will not be considered for admission.