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Inflammation has been implicated in the incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and development of carotid plaques in the setting of heart failure or biochemical evidence of renal impairment. Within the China Kadoorie Biobank (CKB) study of 0.5 M people, that has large numbers of incident stroke and ischaemic heart disease (IHD) cases and ultrasound measures of carotid atherosclerosis, data will be available on 7 different lipids and markers of renal function and inflammatory proteins (CRP, fibrinogen albumin and uric acid) on 12-20,000 in nested case-control studies of CVD and inflammatory panel in a  sub-set of  4000 proteins in a SOMOLOGIC panel  in 4000 participants and funds are currently being sought to measure 201 inflammatory proteins  in 4000 proteins. 

Research Experience, Research Methods and Training

This thesis will examine  (i) the independent relevance of plasma biomarkers for inflammation for sub-types of CVD, including heart failure before and after stratification for biochemical measures of renal impairment; (ii) independent relevance of plasma biomarkers of inflammation for carotid plaque and CIMT after stratification for gene scores for lipids or biochemical evidence of renal impairment;  (iii) clustering of  novel inflammatory markers in the setting of renal impairment and associations of gene scores for such clusters (inflammatory signatures) with sub-types of CVD and with carotid plaques.

Field Work, Secondments, Industry Placements and Training

The candidate will receive training in conventional analysis of epidemiological data (including SAS and R) and genetic epidemiology.

Prospective Candidate

A candidate with an excellent academic record in statistics, and a prior MSc in epidemiology, statistics or Global Health Science would be desirable.