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Selection Criteria

Applicants may be admitted to part-time study if they meet the following criteria:

i) those whose DPhil research overlaps almost entirely with their paid work; and whose DPhil research will contribute directly to their paid employment;

ii) those who can show that their DPhil research topic is suited to part-time study and the supervisor agrees with the part-time schedule.

Residence Requirements

Part-time students are not required to maintain residence near Oxford.  Students are however required to attend for an absolute minimum of 10 days study per term, and will be expected to attend for longer than this.  Students would therefore typically live near Oxford or be able to arrange frequent short-to-medium term visits to the city.

Visas and Immigration

Students on part-time programmes are not eligible for Tier 4 student visas.  For more information please ask the University's student visa service or check with the UK Home Office.