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Dphil resources and skills training 2

The University of Oxford regulations require all graduate research students "to make appropriate use of teaching and learning facilities available within the University". There is considerable expertise within the department, the Medical Sciences Division and the wider university with numerous opportunities for professional development and skills training. These resources provide a unique learning opportunity for DPhil students to acquire the knowledge and skills to complete their research, and ultimately, their thesis.

Department Resources:

Provision for graduate students in the Nuffield Department of Population Health includes:

Seminars and Student Support:

  • Weekly "Richard Doll Seminars" supported by 10 research centres within the department.
  • Weekly "Work in Progress" seminars for DPhil students.
  • Athena Swan seminars with keynote speakers.
  • Active Research Student Group led by students, running various social and academic events including a termly journal club.
  • Depending on numbers and necessity, access may also be available to lectures on the MSc in Global Health Science for DPhil students, particularly if skills training in statistics or epidemiology are required.

Teaching Opportunities:

DPhil students are encouraged to pursue a variety of teaching opportunities within the department. All students are required to obtain the support of their supervisor in the first instance and to successfully complete the Teaching Skills Course at the Medical Sciences Division before taking up any opportunities.

Medical Sciences Division Resources:

Oxford Medical Science Skills Training

University Resources:

Skills training and professional development opportunities: