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Exam school

2017-18 Schedule of assessments


 *Formative Assessments 

w/c 13 November 2017 1. Short Data Analysis
w/c 20 November 2017 2. Essay
w/c 4 December 2017 3. Mock Examination - Epidemiology
w/c 18 December 2017 4. Mock Data Analysis and Report
w/c 12 March 2018 5. Mock Examination - Advanced Global Health Science

Summative Assessments 

17 April 2018 1. Data Analysis and Report (10%)
2. Global Health Extended Essay (10%)
w/c 30 April 2018 3. Written Examination: Principles of Statistics and Principles of Epidemiology (20%)
4. Written Examination: Advanced Global Health Science (20%)
14 August 2018 5. Dissertation (40%)

*Formative assessments are subject to minor change

Student Feedback

Formative Assessments

In order to qualify for the award of the MSc all students must submit all formative assessments and show satisfactory engagement with formative aspects of the course. During the first two terms there are several formative assessments designed to enable teaching staff and students to monitor progress. Students are provided with feedback on these assessments to help them improve their learning by identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Feedback will consist of in class sessions from module leads and teaching fellows, the return of annotated submissions and tutorial sessions in small tutor groups.

Summative Assessments

Students are provided with a detailed breakdown of their marks for the Data Analysis and Report and the written examinations. Detailed qualitative feedback is provided for the Global Health Extended Essay and Dissertation.


The course is reviewed annually and is subject to minor changes in response to feedback and evaluation.