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External supervisor

Dr Azim Ansari, Nuffield Department of Medicine


The importance of genetics in the risk of infectious disease is well recognised, but most studies have focused solely on human genetics or pathogen genetics. Through pioneering joint studies of human and pathogen genomes and new statistical methods for the analysis of billions of potential interactions, the project will characterize the importance of genetic interactions for the risk of infection.

research experience, research methods and training

The project will involve very large scale analysis of thousands of genomes and trillions of combinations of genetic variants to determine their effect on disease risk, using high performance computing. Record keeping, presenting results and writing reports are essential. Experience will be gained in genomics, data science, evolutionary biology, computing and programming.

fieldwork, industry placements and training

We collaborate closely with the Modernising Medical Microbiology consortium based at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

prospective candidate

Those with an existing background in either biology or statistics, and a strong motivation to develop expertise in the other are sought. Exceptional candidates from other backgrounds will be considered. Some experience of computational data analysis is essential, preferably in R, although expertise in this area will be developed during the programme.