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Module leads


Angela BrueggemannAngela Brueggemann

Jennifer Carter Jennifer Carter

Hubert LamHubert Lam

Thomas Littlejohns Thomas Littlejohns 

Learning objectives:

  • To gain advanced knowledge and understanding of epidemiological principles and procedures;

  • To apply advanced knowledge in health research including study design, analysis and interpretation of epidemiological data, and critical appraisal.


  1. Scope of epidemiology
  2. Measures of disease frequency
  3. Measures of association and population impact
  4. Bias
  5. Confounding and effect modification
  6. Sampling
  7. Study design group exercise I
  8. Causation
  9. Validity
  10. Design and validation of questionnaires
  11. Cohort studies
  12. Application of epidemiology series: China Kadoorie Biobank
  13. Ecological and cross-sectional studies
  14. Application of epidemiology series: cross-sectional studies
  15. Case control studies
  16. Application of epidemiology series: case-control studies
  17. Study design group exercise II
  18. Randomised controlled trials
  19. Application of epidemiology series: clinical trials in developing countries
  20. Critical appraisal I
  21. Diagnosis and screening
  22. Critical appraisal II
  23. Introduction to social epidemiology
  24. Study design group exercise III
  25. Practical I
  26. Practical II
  27. Epidemiology module review