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Pregnant woman having a scan.

Module leads


BSSc (Hons), PhD Fiona Alderdice - Senior Social Scientist, National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit Fiona Alderdice

Claire CarsonClaire Carson

Learning objectives:

  • To understand the global burden of maternal and child mortality and morbidity
  • To appreciate the major determinants and risk factors for maternal and child mortality and morbidity
  • To examine the design, implementation and evaluation of strategies for the prevention of maternal and child mortality in both developed and developing countries
  • To evaluate the specific challenges of epidemiological research in maternal and child health


  1. Maternal mortality
  2. Perinatal and child mortality and morbidity
  3. Reproductive health, family planning and fertility
  4. Safe childbirth – Midwifery perspective
  5. Complex pregnancy  - Obstetric perspective
  6. Perinatal Mental Health
  7. Care of the sick newborn
  8. Breastfeeding
  9. RCTs involving pregnant women and their babies
  10. PPI discussion panel