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Entry for the word 'ethics' in a dictionary.

Module leads

 BA, MA, MSt, DPhil Angeliki Kerasidou - Associate Professor in Bioethics Angeliki Kerasidou

PhD Patricia Kingori - Professor of Global Health Ethics Patricia Kingori

Learning objectives:

  • To have an understanding of global health research ethics including competing theoretical and regulatory approaches to research ethics;
  • To be able to explain the limitations, including areas of ambiguity, controversy and gaps of these ethical approaches and the tensions within and between them for practical ethical decision-making in global health research;
  • To be able to apply these approaches to cases and to be able to develop and articulate reasoned judgments about what constitutes ethical research practice;
  • To be aware of the importance of understanding research ethics in context and the social dimensions of research;
  • To be aware and understand the ethical issues involved in conducting research involving ‘vulnerable’ populations;
  • To be aware and understand the ethical challenges new technologies are presenting in global health;
  • To understand and engage with the ethical issues relating to conducting research on infectious diseases in population health and in the global context;
  • To understand and be able to reflect on the ethical dimension of conducting research using large genomics datasets;
  • To understand and reflect on the ethical implications of conducting collaborative research;
  • To understand and be able to reflect on the environmental impact of global health research;
  • To be aware of and be able to debate the key ethical controversies and practical ethical challenges of data-sharing and data-driven approaches to research in population health.


  1. Introducing research ethics
  2. Ethics of infectious diseases in the global context
  3. Ethics of involving vulnerable populations in research in the global health
  4. Ethic of new technologies
  5. Ethics of large scale genomics research
  6. Ethics of data sharing in global health research
  7. The environmental impact of global health research
  8. Consolidation