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  • Does the course start only once a year?  Yes, the course only starts once a year at the beginning of October and finishes in September.

  • Can the course be undertaken part-time or via a distance-learning?  No, the course can only be undertaken full-time in the Nuffield Department of Population Health in Oxford.

  • Do you accept international students?  Indeed, all students are welcome, international and UK/EU

  • What is a "relevant" degree?  The course is open to medical and non-medical graduates.

  • What are the criteria for eligibility?

  1. Academic record (MD or BA, BSc at least equivalent of 2.1 in UK University in a relevant field)

  2. Aptitude for and experience of global health issues

  3. Higher University of Oxford requirements for English language proficiency.

  • What other criteria will I be judged on? The course is very popular - we received approximately 200 applications for the 25 places for 2012/13. We therefore judge each application against the criteria outlined above. We consider 'aptitude for and experience of global health issues' as particularly important. In addition, we expect candidates to be future leaders and look for evidence of leadership potential in their CV, their personal statement and their references.