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The Oxford Participation and Activities Questionnaire (OX-PAQ): Study information

Researchers at the HSRU have developed a new patient reported outcome measure, the Oxford Participation and Activities Questionnaire (Ox-PAQ). The Ox-PAQ is a generic 23 item measure of participation and activity for use with patients experiencing a range of health conditions. The measure can be incorporated in a variety of research activities, from descriptive studies to clinical trials and interventions aimed at evaluating interventions promoting participation and activity.

The Ox-PAQ comprises three domains (Routine Activities, Emotional Well-Being and Social Engagement) and has been shown to be both valid and reliable. A study making a preliminary assessment of the sensitivity to change of the OX-PAQ has been completed and submitted for publication.

For more information on the development and validation of the Ox-PAQ see the documents below:

Future development of the Ox-PAQ will focus on the validation of a proxy version, the collection of normative data and utility weighting of the measure.

For more information and details on how to obtain a licence to use the Ox-PAQ please visit the Ox-PAQ page on the Oxford University Innovation website.