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Administrative Data Research Network (ADRN)The Administrative Data Research Network (ADRN) is a UK-wide partnership between universities, government departments and agencies, national statistics authorities, the third sector, funders and researchers.

The ADRN enables researchers to carry out social and economic research that has the potential to benefit society using administrative data. The ADRN does not store administrative data, but works closely with government departments to make administrative data available to researchers which is processed on a case-by-case basis.

The ADRN is coordinated by the Administrative Data Service (ADS). The ADS is the first point of contact for researchers who want access to administrative data. The ADS:

  • help researchers prepare their projects for assessment by the Approvals Panel
  • train researchers to use administrative data safely, legally and responsibly
  • negotiate with data custodians, such as government departments and agencies

As part of the ADS, our role is to monitor and analyse the evolving legal landscape to identify the implications for the research use of administrative datasets for the Network. We provide academic advice and good practice guidance on legal and regulatory issues that arise from the Network's activities.

More information is available on the ADRN website here.