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Ethical issues arising from identifying novel susceptibility genes for early onset coronary artery disease

Paula Boddington

Paula Boddington

Paula is working on the Procardis project, a European consortium, co-ordinated at Oxford University, which aims to identify novel susceptibility genes for early onset coronary artery disease and to provide more efficient tools for the diagnosis treatment and prevention of coronary artery disease. Paula will be aiming to identify and analyse ethical issues arising from this project. She will be collaborating on this project with Mike Parker.

Paula has a degree in philosophy and psychology from the University of Keele, a BPhil and DPhil in philosophy (with a thesis on self-deception) from the University of Oxford and an LLM in Legal Aspects of Medical Practice from Cardiff University. She has lectured in philosophy at Bristol University and the Australian National University. Prior to starting work at Ethox, Paula worked across various research projects on ethical and social aspects of genomics at Cardiff University, based in the Institute of Medical Genetics and working in collaboration with researchers at CESAGen (the ESRC Centre for Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics).

Paula's book "Ethical Challenges in Genomics Research" was published in April 2012. The book aims to assist all those with any interest in the ethical issues arising from genomics research to understand the central issues and to join in the debates.

Selected Publications

  • Boddington Paula (2012) Ethical Challenges in Genomics Research Springer, (ISBN: 978-3-642-23698-3).
  • Boddington Paula (2010) Dietary choices, health and freedom: hidden fats, hidden choices, hidden constraints American Journal of Bioethics, 10(3):43-44.
  • Boddington Paula (2010) Repeating history: use and abuse of research findings and misattributions of responsibility for health American Journal of Bioethics, 10(2):57-58.
  • Heeney C, Hawkins N, de V r, Boddington P, and Kaye J (2010) Assessing the Privacy Risks of Data Sharing in Genomics. Public Health Genomics.
  • Boddington Paula (2009) The ethics and regulation of direct-to-consumer genetic testing. Genome Med, 1(7):71.