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Research Associate, HeLEX , Fellow and Tutor in Law, St Anne’s College, Lecturer in Law, University of Oxford

Imogen Goold is a Fellow and Tutor in Law at St Anne’s College. She studied Law and Modern History at the University of Tasmania, Australia, receiving her PhD in 2005. Her doctoral research explored the use of property law to regulate human body parts. She also received a Masters degree in Bioethics from the University of Monash in 2005. From 1999, she was a research member of the Centre for Law and Genetics, where she published on surrogacy laws, legal constraints on access to infertility treatments and proprietary rights in human tissue. In 2002, she took up as position as a Legal Officer at the Australian Law Reform Commission, working on the inquiries into Genetic Information Privacy and Gene Patenting. After leaving the ALRC in 2004, she worked briefly at the World Health Organisation, researching the provision of genetic medical services in developing countries. She is currently writing on body part ownership and recently published a collection of essays, co-edited with Catherine Kelly, on the historical interaction of legal regulation and medical practice.

Selected Publications

  • Goold Imogen and Savulescu Julian (2009) In favour of freezing eggs for non-medical reasons. Bioethics, 23(1):47-58.
  • Savulescu Julian and Goold Imogen (2008) Freezing eggs for lifestyle reasons. Am J Bioeth, 8(6):32-5.
  • Goold Imogen L, Pearn Amy, Bettiol Silvana, and Ballantyne Angela (2006) Quality and safety of genetic testing in Australia and New Zealand: a review of the current regulatory framework. Aust New Zealand Health Policy, 3:13.
  • Goold Imogen (2005) Should older and postmenopausal women have access to assisted reproductive technology? Monash Bioeth Rev, 24(1):27-46.
  • Goold Imogen (2004) Surrogacy: is there a case for legal prohibition? J Law Med, 12(2):205-16.