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Call for papers - now closed

Although the call for papers is now closed, we are looking forward to the publication of the BMC Medical Ethics special issue relating to our Translation in Healthcare conference last June.  Watch this space for publication dates.


BMC Medical Ethics special issue: ‘Translation in Healthcare: Exploring the Ethical, Legal and Social Issues’

New technologies are transforming and reconfiguring the boundaries between patients, research participants and consumers, between research and clinical practice, and between public and private domains. From personalised medicine to big data and social media, the new kinds of interactions enabled by these platforms hold the potential to empower citizens, challenge long-standing ideas such as privacy, and raise fundamental questions about how the translational patient pathway should be organised.

The ‘Translation in Healthcare: Exploring the Impact of Emerging Technologies’ conference 2015 hosted by the Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX) at the University of Oxford brought together a wide range of voices to discuss and think more deeply about the technological, legal, ethical, and social challenges raised by new technologies in healthcare. This special issue of BMC Medical Ethics aims to further explore many of the issues raised in the conference, ranging from the meaning of translation in healthcare; innovative and meaningful patient engagement; to the role of genomic sequencing in healthcare and what the clinic of the future might look like. Details of the full programme can be found here:


Major topics or themes

Based on the conference programme, suitable topics or themes of interest include, but are not limited to, the following in the context of translation in healthcare:

  • Engagement, participants, publics and citizen science
  • Stem cells, genomics and other emerging technologies
  • Big data and data sharing
  • Ethics, law (including Intellectual Property Rights) and governance


 Full manuscripts were due last autumn. Please note that authors will be responsible for covering the normal article processing charge (APC) of £1,370 for accepted manuscripts. Additional details about these costs can be found here:


Additional information

 More information about the journal can be found here: