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Yunhe wang

Yunhe wang

Yunhe Wang


DPhil Student

Yunhe joined the Clinical Trial Service Unit & Epidemiological Studies Unit (CTSU) at the Nuffield Department of Population Health in 2021 as a Clarendon Scholar and DPhil candidate in Population Health. His doctoral research is focusing on the use of genetic data to study the causal relationship of plasma lipid particles to cause-specific mortality in the Mexico City Prospective Study. 

Prior to pursuing his DPhil, Yunhe completed his Master’s degree at Peking University, China. During this time he was named Outstanding Student of Peking University, received a Peking University Scientific Innovation Award, and received a National Scholarship by the Ministry of Education of China (the highest academic reward for students in China). His academic training has been in biostatistics and epidemiology of chronic diseases including neuro-psychiatric and cardiovascular diseases, and his previous research involved the study of such diseases through the analysis of large-scale prospective cohorts and use of Mendelian randomisation for causal inference. 

Yunhe has published his research in a range of journals and has been involved in writing commentaries and reviewing papers for journals. Yunhe aims to be an independent research scientist and deliver research that informs effective disease prediction and prevention, clinical practice, and the promotion of population wellbeing.

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