Dr Soroosh Afyouni

Dr Soroosh Afyouni


Soroosh Afyouni

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher in Statistical Neuroimaging


Soroosh Afyouni is a postdoctoral research fellow. He is currently developing methods for threshold-free cluster enhancement (TFCE) method and multiple testing methods for neuroimaging data-sets.

He joined Oxford after undertaking an early career fellowship at the Warwick Institute of Advanced Study. In 2017, Soroosh received his PhD in Engineering from the University of Warwick where he developed methods for serial-correlation and Stochastic Block Modelling in functional connectivity of the human brain. In 2013, he received his Master of Engineering in Electronic Engineering from University of Birmingham where he worked on simulating the Spin-Echo sequences in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Soroosh’s primary research interest is in functional and structural connectivity and population neuroimaging.

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