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Seamus Kent

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Seamus Kent



  • NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow

Seamus is an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow studying the impact of overweight and obesity on long-term health and healthcare resource use using the Million Women Study and linked administrative data sets.

Seamus joined HERC in November 2012 to develop health economics research using data from two large contemporary clinical trials, HPS2-THRIVE and SHARP. His research focused on estimating the impacts of adverse events, demographic characteristics and common risk factors on healthcare costs and health-related quality of life in populations at increased cardiovascular disease risk, and, in the case of SHARP, a population with chronic kidney disease.

Seamus graduated with a BSc in Economics in 2009 and was awarded an MSc in Health Economics at the University of York in 2010 and an MSc in Medical Statistics at the University of Leicester in 2013.

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