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Md. Shajedur Rahman Shawon

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Md. Shajedur Rahman Shawon

DPhil Student

Shawon was trained in medicine at Dhaka Medical College, Bangladesh and then he started working on public health projects focusing on ensuring universal health coverage and equitable healthcare access in Bangladesh. He completed a Masters in Public Health from North South University with Summa Cum Laude in 2014. Later he moved to Stockholm, Sweden to complete an MSc. in Epidemiology at Karolinska Institute.

He started his DPhil in the Cancer Epidemiology Unit in October 2016 funded by the Nuffield Department of Population Health. Shawon's main research interest is exploring the far-reaching effects of childhood exposures on various non-communicable diseases. His DPhil research is focused mainly on the Million Women Study cohort, considering the relationships between early life body sizes and various adult morbidities, e.g. diabetes etc.

His master thesis at Karolinska was focused on the role of childhood and adolescent body sizes on breast cancer risk among Swedish women.