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Lynden Guiver

Lynden Guiver

Study Co-ordinator

Lynden Guiver has been working at the University of Oxford in the Cancer Epidemiology Unit as Study Co-ordinator for the Million Women Study and the Disease Susceptibility in Women since 2011. This involves the collection of blood samples and validation of height, and weight and disease status. We liaise with printing companies and organising questionnaire and blood kit mailing for cohorts recruited within the Million Women Study.  This includes regular discussions with general practice surgeries and Local Clinical Research Networks around the UK. She is part of the team involved in engaging with study participants to ensure things run smoothly. The study complies with all regulatory ethics and University of Oxford research sponsorship requirements.  Lynden enjoys promoting Good Clinical Practice and Information Governance ensuring that the research in the unit is conducted to the highest ethical and regulatory standards. 

Prior to taking up this position, she has worked for the National Health Service as the Research Governance Co-ordinator ensuring all studies complied with the regulatory frameworks applicable to the conduct of clinical research. She helped provide expert advice and guidance to all researchers and their teams, and regularly monitored the clinical trials to ensure systems were compliant. She was responsible for the provision of business and strategy planning for the research and development sub-committee and organised public involvement events to raise the profile of research in the public.

 Away from work she loves cycling and travelling – especially island hopping.

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