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Katerina Lind

Katerina Lind

Katerina Lind

DPhil Student

Katerina joined the Clinical Trial Service Unit in October 2016 as a DPhil student. Her research interests include genetic epidemiology of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes and pharmacogenomics, with a particular interest in drug targets validation and using genetic data for efficient clinical trial design.

Katerina uses the principles of Mendelian Randomisation and data available from the UK Biobank to examine how variants in genes HMGCR, PPARa, and NPC1L1 that proxy pharmacological intervention of lipid-lowering therapies could be used to verify the drug targets and predict potential on-target effects of cardiovascular drugs.

Katerina is jointly supervised by Associate Professors Jemma Hopewell and David Preiss, Professor Sarah Parish, and her work is supported by the Global Education Program.

Before coming to Oxford, Katerina worked as a statistician for the European branch of Earthwatch Institute and was a data analyst at the UN agency in Indonesia.