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Julie Schmidt

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Julie Schmidt

DPhil Student

Dissertation research title: Metabolic and dietary risk factors for prostate cancer

College (Year of matriculation): Keble College (2013)

Supervisors: Dr Ruth Travis, Dr Naomi Allen, Professor Tim Key

Julie Schmidt is a DPhil candidate whose primary research interest is in the role of modifiable risk factors in the aetiology of cancer. Her DPhil project aims to identify metabolic and dietary risk factors for prostate cancer using biomarkers and questionnaire data from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition.

She joined the Cancer Epidemiology Unit in 2012 as a statistical epidemiologist investigating the associations between diet and health, and between shift work and non-communicable diseases. Before this, Julie was awarded a BSc in Clinical Nutrition (VIA University College, Denmark) and a MSc in Health Science (Aarhus University, Denmark).

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