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Dr James Buchanan

Dr James Buchanan

James Buchanan

MA DPhil

Senior Researcher

James joined the Health Economics Research Centre in September 2005, having completed his MA in Economic Development and Policy Analysis and his BA in Economics at the University of Nottingham. He is currently working on a number of projects in the area of genomic testing. These include economic evaluations of the use of genomic testing to guide treatment decisions for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia patients, to identify gastrointestinal pathogens to improve hospital infection control practice, and to stratify patients to more or less intensive screening in the UK Bowel Cancer Screening Programme. James is also applying stated preference techniques to evaluate the preferences of patients and clinicians for these tests. Alongside this academic work, James curates the Health Economics and Genomics blog.

Previous genomics projects have included the development of an economic modelling framework to evaluate genomic tests in inflammatory bowel disease, and a cost-effectiveness analysis of microarray technology in the NHS. James has also completed a DPhil (PhD) which investigated issues related to the economic analysis of genomic diagnostic technologies for multifactorial genetic diseases in the UK NHS, based on a study evaluating genomic testing in haematological cancers.

In addition to his genomics research, James has studied the economic case for a combined antimalarial-antibacterial rectal formulation for community use in patients with severe malaria and bacterial infections, and has undertaken an economic evaluation of several treatments for the management of unexplained infertility. He has also contributed to a NICE clinical guideline on physical activity, play and sport for pre-school and school age children. He is currently undertaking an economic evaluation of several treatments for penicilliosis in HIV patients in Vietnam, and acts as a Research Adviser for RDS South Central.