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Jack Pollard

Jack Pollard

Jack Pollard


Researcher in Health Economics

Jack is a researcher at the Health Economics Research Centre (HERC). Jack’s current research involves a programme of work aimed at modelling the mental health outcomes and economic impact of elevated child anxiety, as part of a wider multidisciplinary NIHR-funded 5-year research programme – identifying Child Anxiety Through Schools (iCATS). 

Prior to his current position, Jack worked as a health economist and analyst at RAND Europe on a variety of projects. His research included investigating the impact of poor indoor climate on child health and examining the associated economic burden, as well as investigating the economic burden of physical inactivity. He also worked on the outcome and economic evaluation of the national Liaison and Diversion scheme, and the economic modelling of the future cancer workforce in England. 

Jack was awarded a studentship from the NIHR to study for an MSc in Economics and Health Economics at the University of Sheffield, where he graduated with distinction. His master’s dissertation examined the association between well-being and the existence of a partner who is problem drinker. He also holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Sheffield.