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Dr ginny mounce

Dr ginny mounce

Ginny Mounce


Research Midwife

Ginny is Research Midwife for the UK Midwifery Study System (UKMidSS), the UK-wide infrastructure which supports national observational studies and surveys of practice in midwifery units across the UK, and part of the NIHR Policy Research Unit in Maternal and Neonatal Health and Care. She has worked at the Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health for several years, mainly involved in studies that focus on infertility and fertility treatments, such as the STAR PGS study, HABSelect, Endometrial Scratch and E-Freeze

In 2017 she was awarded her PhD from the University of Surrey for her thesis, an ethnography of couples’ experiences of the early ‘infertility journey’. She is particularly interested in using qualitative methodologies as an alternative research paradigm, for example in investigating patient experiences, to complement traditional clinical research. Prior to this she worked as a hospital based midwife in several settings, including time in the midwife-led birthing unit in Oxford.

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