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Dr Dexter Canoy

Dr Dexter Canoy

Dexter Canoy

BSc (Hons) MPhil (Cantab) MD PhD (Cantab)

Cardiovascular Epidemiologist

Dexter Canoy is an epidemiologist at the Cancer Epidemiology Unit primarily working on cardiovascular disease outcomes and their determinants in the Million Women Study, a cohort of over a million middle-aged UK women who are being followed prospectively. He has research interests in the aetiology of chronic diseases and determinants of major causes of morbidity and mortality in the population, and conducted epidemiological research in large-scale (big data) settings. Dexter continues to pursue research into obesity, healthy ageing and life course epidemiology, and is currently investigating determinants of women’s health, including the role of reproductive factors, in the development of cardiovascular disease.

Dexter has trained in clinical medicine at the University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital before reading epidemiology for his doctorate at the University of Cambridge. He has previously conducted research in the EPIC-Norfolk cohort study (University of Cambridge), focusing on associations between adiposity phenotypes and cardiovascular disease risks, and Northern Finland Birth Cohort Study (University of Oulu in Finland and Imperial College London), focusing on early life factors of adult cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory health. Prior to joining the unit in 2010, he was based at the University of Manchester where he pursued research in obesity and cardiovascular disease, closely collaborating with public health, social science and bio-health informatics experts.

He can run a bit, swim a bit, and fence a bit, at least when he’s not injured. But he is rarely injury-free, or so he claims.