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Christa Henrichs


WEH Centre Manager

Christa is the Centre Manager for the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities. She joined the team in November 2017 and is responsible for the coordination and facilitation of the Centre’s full range of research and administrative activities. Christa manages the development of the Centre’s external profile and is also involved in helping to develop and implement the Centre’s strategic research goals.

Christa has worked at Oxford University since 2014, previously as Programme Coordinator for the Genomics and Global Health Programme, a role which supports MalariaGEN and the Centre for Genomics and Global Health.  Her responsibilities included the management of the public MalariaGEN brand including the website, social media and digital presence as well as developing and maintaining strong links with MalariaGEN’s diverse range of external collaborators.

Prior to joining Oxford University, Christa has worked in similar roles at Oxfam GB, an international aid organisation based in Oxford. It was in this context that she developed a strong interest in global health research and its ethical challenges and opportunities. Christa graduated from Cologne University of Applied Sciences with a degree in Multilingual Communication in German, English and Spanish and from the University of Surrey with a Master of Arts in Intercultural Communication with International Business.