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Dr Camillia Kong

Dr Camillia Kong

Camillia Kong



Camillia Kong has research interests in philosophical issues surrounding mental disorder, mental capacity, and the ethics of psychiatry.

Her forthcoming book provides a justification for the medico-juridical concept of mental capacity. More specifically, the book defends a relational understanding of mental capacity and explores how relationships might enable or disable the capacity and autonomy of individuals with impairments.

Other related research interests include the application of Gadamerian hermeneutics and dialogical ethics to the practice of therapeutic care and treatment for mental disorders. More broadly, Camillia has long-term research interests in theories of practical deliberation and selfhood, relational autonomy, and the history of moral and political philosophy.

Camillia completed her PhD from the London School of Economics and prior to joining Ethox, has worked at the University of Sheffield, the University of Essex, and the Open University.