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Dr Anne Matthews

Anne Matthews

Researcher, Physical Activity Programme

  • Secondary school diet and vending provision
  • Recruitment to physical activity interventions and programmes

Anne joined the British Heart Foundation  (BHF) Centre on Population Approaches for NCD Prevention in September 2001 (when it was known as the BHF Health Promotion Research Group. She has an educational background, having taught in Oxfordshire primary schools from 1975 to 1999 and completed a Doctorate of Education.  Research areas Anne has supported include:

  • Food Marketing.  Project investigating the impact to children and young people of the marketing of foods high in fat, sugar and salt within 20 European Union countries.
  • Healthier Vending.  Survey of Oxfordshire secondary school vending provision.  Research investigating the impact of the introduction of the 2007 food-based standards to vending provision within English secondary schools.
  • Journey to school food purchase and consumption.  A pilot investigation of secondary school students’ food purchase and consumption in relation to food and drinks high in fat, sugar or salt
  • Walking recruitment.  An investigation of the most effective methodology for recruitment to walking projects.
  • Engagement in physical activity.  Developing a blueprint for young people’s engagement with physical activity projects funded by the World Health Organisation.

Anne is currently supporting a project aiming to understand how front of pack labelling schemes influence food purchasing decisions, and an evaluation of a community intervention seeking to increase physical activity in the over-50s of Oxfordshire.

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