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Anja Mizdrak


DPhil Student

Anja joined the British Heart Foundation Centre on Population Approaches for NCD Prevention in August 2012. She was previously involved in work to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions of different diets in the UK, updating the Preventable Risk Integrated Model (PRIME) to examine the effects of changing risk factor distributions, and comparisons of nutrient profile models.  

Anja began her DPhil in January 2014. Her project aims to test the effects of food price interventions in the UK using a Virtual Supermarket. She is particularly interested in the differences in responses across different socioeconomic groups. The project will involve testing the reliability and validity of the newly developed UK Virtual Supermarket, and a series of pilot randomised controlled trials of different pricing interventions. Anja is funded by a Non-Clinical PhD Studentship from the British Heart Foundation.

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