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Some investigators have reported that the risk of certain cancers is increased in people with diabetes, but evidence is inconsistent and most individual studies included small numbers of site-specific cancers.

Research Experience, Research Methods and Training

The project will primarily involve analysis of data from the Million Women Study, which includes 1.3 million UK women aged 56, on average, at recruitment, almost 20 years ago. Information on diabetes was collected at recruitment and at subsequent questionnaires, at the time of hospital admission and, for a sample of women, from primary care. The entire cohort has been followed for site-specific cancer incidence, including tumour histology, grade, stage and other details. The main aim of the project is to examine site-specific cancer risk in women with diabetes, overall and by age at onset and treatment.

Field Work, Secondments, Industry Placements and Training

Training will be provided within the Department of data analysis, record linkage between multiple research databases, and statistical methods and, if necessary, by external courses.

Prospective Candidate

The candidate should have some clinical or research experience relating to diabetes.

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