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Dphil structure

All full-time DPhil students in the department are expected to submit their thesis within nine terms.

Probationer Research Student (PRS)

All research students are admitted to the status of Probationer Research Student in the first instance. Prior to the fourth term after admission, as advised by the department, it will be necessary to apply for Transfer to DPhil status. Students are required to undergo a formal oral assessment by two assessors appointed by the Division.

A candidate whose first application for transfer to DPhil status is not approved shall be permitted to make one further application.

Confirmation of DPhil Status

Candidates apply for confirmation of status by the eighth term after their admission as a research student. Candidates are required to deliver a formal, oral presentation of their work. The presentation will be attended by two assessors who are deemed to have appropriate expertise to comment on the content of the project. Following the presentation the assessors will conduct an interview with the candidate.  The assessment must be completed prior to the end of the ninth term.


Candidates are expected to submit their thesis by the end of the ninth term.  Following submission, candidates will be examined by two examiners approved by the Division and formally appointed by the Examination Schools.  One examiner will be internal to the University and the other will be external.

Examiners are required to conduct a viva and complete their report within three months of receipt of the thesis. In some cases candidates may be asked to make minor or major corrections to their thesis within an agreed timescale. A final report from the Examiners is submitted to Medical Sciences Divisional Board for approval for the candidate to supplicate.

Extension of Time

All research students at the department are expected to submit their thesis within nine terms of starting their course. It is possible to apply for an extension of time if there are mitigating circumstances, this is normally supported only in exceptional circumstances.

Part-time study

Candidates may be admitted directly to the DPhil in Population Health (part-time) or may apply for transfer to part-time study with the approval of their supervisors, College, the Department and the Division.