Module leads

Alastair Gray Alastair Gray

Mara ViolatoMara Violato

Learning objectives:

  • To define fundamental concepts and principles of economics relevant to health and health care

  • To evaluate the many distinctive features of the functioning of the health and health care market
  • To appreciate why economic evaluation of health care and public health interventions is important
  • To become familiar with the methods and application of economic appraisal in health care
  • To critically appraise, analyse and interpret economic studies of health and health care interventions


  1. Comparative health systems: health care funding and provision
  2. Microeconomic Principles: Health capital
  3. Supply and Organisation of Health Services: Markets and mechanism design
  4. Principles of priority setting and of economic appraisal
  5. Measuring and valuing health
  6. Defining and measuring costs
  7. Decision analytic modelling and extrapolation for economic evaluation
  8. Cost-effectiveness and decision-making in practice