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A selection of recommended internet resources aimed at ELSI practitioners, students, and any interested members of the public to help understand the science behind the latest health care developments


  • Glossaries
  • Educational Resources
  • Open Access Publications
  • Subscriber Access Only Publications


Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms
National Human Genome Research Institute
GeneReviews Glossary

Educational resources:

DNA from the beginning :An Animated Primer on the Basics of DNA, Genes and Hereditary 
Cold Spring Harbour Lab
Learn Genetics: Genetic Science Learning Centre 
University of Utah
Personal Genome Project Study Guide
Harvard University

Useful Resources for Understanding Key Scientific Developments in Genomics

Open Access Articles

Hall A, Hallowell N, Zimmern R. Managing incidental and pertinent findings from WGS in the 100,000 Genome Project. April 2013, report from the PHG Foundation

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Subscriber Access Only Articles

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