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In order to explore the role of social media in forming an understanding of digital healthcare, we conducted a study involving sentiment and network analysis of Twitter contents. In doing this, we gathered 20,400 tweets that mentioned the key term #DigitalHealth for 55 hours, over a three-day period. In addition to examining users' opinions through sentiment analysis, we calculated in-degree centralities of nodes to identify the hubs in the network of interactions. The results suggest that the overall opinion about digital healthcare is generally positive. Additionally, our findings indicate that the most prevalent keywords, associated with digital health, widely range from mobile health to wearable technologies and big data. Surprisingly, the results show that the newly announced wearable technologies could occupy the majority of discussions.


Journal article


Stud Health Technol Inform

Publication Date





243 - 246


Attitude to Health, Comprehension, Digital Divide, Humans, Patient Satisfaction, Social Media, Telemedicine, United Kingdom