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This title was first published in 2003. Developments in genetic science are opening up new possibilities for human beings;â both the creationâ and the shaping of human life are now possible in the laboratory. As these techniques develop, questions are increasingly asked about how far everything that is scientifically possible should - morally, legally and socially - be pursued.â Whilst much attention andâ policy-making has focussed on the development of regulation of technologies affecting human reproduction, regulation where plants and animals are concerned is much more limited. In this book, developments in genetics are addressed in the broad sense by an international range of contributors.â This includesâ not only issues such as eugenics and the modification of the human embryo, but also the genetic modification of plants and animals in the pursuit of commerce, agriculture and biomedical research. â This book is published in association with the Society for Applied Philosophy.

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1 - 182