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<sec> <title>BACKGROUND</title> <p>The prevalence of type 2 diabetes is rising simultaneously with the use of Web and mobile technologies. Establishing the effectiveness of Web and mobile technologies is necessary to optimise self-management interventions for the end user. To do this, appropriate tools are needed.</p> </sec> <sec> <title>OBJECTIVE</title> <p>This study sought to develop an instrument, the Diabetes Self-Management and Technology Questionnaire (DSMT-Q), to assess self-management among people living with type 2 diabetes using Web-based and/or mobile technologies.</p> </sec> <sec> <title>METHODS</title> <p>Thirty six candidate questionnaire items, drafted previously, were refined through the use of cognitive debrief interviews (n=8), expert consultation and public patient involvement (PPI) feedback. Item reduction steps were performed on survey data (n=250) and tests of validity and reliability were subsequently performed.</p> </sec> <sec> <title>RESULTS</title> <p>Following amendments, patients and experts found 21 items relevant and acceptable for inclusion in the instrument. Survey participants included 104 (41.6%) women and 146 (58.4%). Two sub-scales with high construct validity, internal consistency and test-retest reliability were identified. The scales were entitled: ‘Understanding individual health and making informed decisions’ and ‘Confidence to reach and sustain goals’.</p> </sec> <sec> <title>CONCLUSIONS</title> <p>Analyses confirmed good psychometric properties in the DSMT-Q scales. This tool will facilitate the measurement of self-management in people living with type 2 diabetes using Web or mobile technologies.</p> </sec>

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