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I am a 2nd year PhD student in the Central European University, Budapest. (Profile link available here). My primary research interests are in the area of bioethics/biomedicine and genetic interventions/modification technologies in reproductive technologies (specifically pre-implantation genetic diagnosis), and its co-relation to human rights considerations, and substantive and distributive justice within constitutional or regulatory governance frameworks. I also work on research relating to surrogacy laws in various jurisdictions, reproductive trafficking and its ill effects on the perpetual marginalization of under-represented and vulnerable members of society, and the commodification and sexualization of the female body in reproduction.

What drew me to conduct part of my PhD research at HeLEX was primarily the knowledge that the work of HeLEX embodies the kind of multi-disciplinary, adaptive approaches necessary in the convergence between laws, and practical and clinical applicability, in emerging medical or health technologies. I first met Prof. Jane Kaye through the E.L.S.I. 2.0 + EuCELLex symposium of the International Bioethics Association in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the summer of 2016, and I was keen for the opportunity to be able to learn from and collaborate with the dynamic team at HeLEX.  

I have found my 3 weeks at HeLEX to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my academic career. In addition to the completion of my writing a large chunk of one of my research chapters (in which I was able to incorporate much of what I had learnt during my time here), I was able to benefit from the insight of the HeLEX team members, working on diverse projects, from dynamic consent in biobanking, to the ADRN (Administrative Data Research Network) project, to social science perspectives in iPSCs, CRISPR and 3D printing projects. The team members are very spirited, friendly, helpful and always willing to share and impart knowledge and experience with me, and as a budding researcher in the field, I am very grateful for this.  

I wholeheartedly thank all the HeLEX team members for making me feel incredibly welcome here. I hope to be able to return in the future and to collaborate professionally with the HeLEX team in future projects or work.

Pin Lean Lau, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary