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Recombining life: sociotechnical intersections in the making of genome editing

European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) conference

Date: 25-28th July 2018

Venue: Lancaster University, UK

HeLEX announces our call for abstracts for our panel “Recombining Life : Sociotechnical intersections in the making of genome editing”.

Genome editing is a powerful form of recombinant DNA technology that is being heralded as making the precise genetic modification of living systems easier, cheaper and faster. It builds on the prior development of a range of other biotechnologies, most notably gene therapy, in terms of science, clinical development, commercialisation and governance. However, its contemporary emergence critically depends on the alignment and intersection of a range of actors, resources and institutions. In particular, a new set of interest are being constructed around particular groups, most notably rare disease patient organisations, the mainstream pharmaceutical industry and government science and technology policymakers. These are being brought together in novel innovation and governance networks that are shaping the application of genome editing in a number of human and non-human application areas. This panel will consider the emergence of these interests and networks, and the alignment of genome editing with specific claims and promissory futures. We would welcome papers touching on these overarching themes and relating to:

• Emerging scientific practices

• Sociotechnical infrastructures

• Applications in the clinic, agriculture and beyond

• Processes of commodification and capitalisation e.g. patents and companies

• The enrolment of publics and the management of controversy

• Governance and policy

The panel is being convened by Paul Martin (Sheffield), Ilke Turkmendag (Newcastle University) and  Michael Morrison (HeLEX, University of Oxford).

Proposals for presentations on the one or more themes of the panel can be submitted through the conference website, using the panel-specific page.