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As part of ongoing research in HeLEX on the governance of biomedical technologies and human health, HeLEX researcher Dr Nadja Kanellopoulou submitted a response to the Nuffield Council on Bioethics public consultation on 'Give and Take? Human Bodies in Medicine and Research', in July 2010.

This public consultation forms part of a series of fact finding, research, policy, and public engagement events supported by the Council in their remit to explore ethical issues in biology and medicine. The Working Party sought people's views on a number of questions, including:

• How far should we as a society go in encouraging or even incentivising people to provide human biological material in research?
• What control should a person providing such material have over its future use?
• Can any useful comparisons be made with people who take part in 'healthy volunteer' clinical trials where people 'give over' their body for a short time for research purposes?

The consultation responses are being considered by the Working Party. According the Council’s website, a report with recommendations for policy will be published in autumn 2011. Where permissions are granted, the responses will be available to download after the Working Party has published its report.