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HeLEX works to increase understanding of how the use and impact of innovative technologies in health can be accommodated within existing legal and governance frameworks, and the extent to which such frameworks may need to evolve.

Emerging technologies in healthcare promise great benefits but need a strong regulatory framework to ensure any risks are assessed and managed.

Our interdisciplinary approach uses tools and methods of investigation and analysis from the disciplines of law, philosophy and sociology, in addition to using empirical research to enable us to understand current and emerging practice in medical research and clinical practice, and provides them as a basis for effective policy making.

Any findings developed from our research are legally compliant, based on sound ethical principles and grounded in an understanding of current practice.

Recent research documents:

Nuffield Council on Bioethics Consultation 'Give and Take? Human bodies in medicine and research'

The use of GWAS in medical research

Consultation on the European Commission's 'Comprehensive Approach on Personal Data Protection in the EU'

HeLEX response to: 'A Common Framework of Principles for direct-to-consumer genetic testing'

Response to CP 48/09 'Civil Monetary Penalties - setting the maximum penalty'

EU Consultation on the Legal Framework for the Fundamental Right to Protection of Personal Data

Response to CP 22/09 'knowing or reckless misuse of personal data - introducing custodial sentences'