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A number of our staff have participated in successful international visits to and exchanges with the USA and Australia and we wish to recognise the opportunity for fellow academics to visit and work with us in Oxford.

We have successfully hosted fellow academics from overseas. Visiting academics have used this opportunity to collaborate on joint research studies, develop new research proposals, or use Oxford as a base for data collection in the UK and Europe. Outputs from these visits include academic papers and successfully funded research proposals. Duration of visits has ranged from one week up to 3 months.

Visiting academics would be expected to contribute to the work of the Group and the Nuffield Department of Population Health, for example presentations to fellow academics and students, as part of their visit. The CPNP would also consider hosting visiting academics as part of their sabbatical leave.

CPNP Academic Visitor Programme Objectives

The CPNP Academic Visitor Programme is intended:

  • To contribute actively to the CPNP and the Nuffield Department of Population Health’s research environment and postgraduate programme
  • To offer academics and interested professionals the opportunity to collaborate in joint research with the CPNP
  • To develop and promote links with other institutions, governments and organisations in the UK and overseas
  • To provide established CPNP staff and research students with the opportunity to work with leading academics and professionals from outside Oxford.

Visitors would be expected to contribute in proportion to the length of their stay:

  • Collaborating on a research project with a member of the Centre
  • Organising (or co-organising) an event (seminar series, workshop, conference);
  • Writing or co-authoring an article or other publication
  • Developing a research proposal to apply for an external funding award through the Centre
  • Contributing to the graduate and/or undergraduate programme through the provision of a special seminar or similar activity;
  • Helping the Centre to develop a network of contacts (academic, practitioner, policy-making)

If you are interested in discussing the opportunity for a visit or exchange to the CPNP please contact Dr Peter Scarborough ( to discuss your ideas.

Please note the CPNP are not able to offer direct funding for fellow academics and would encourage potential academics to seek funding for international exchanges within their host countries.

External funding schemes for academic visitors