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Our Team

The UK Colorectal Cancer Intelligence Hub is a highly collaborative programme involving the University of Oxford, the University of Leeds, the University of Edinburgh, the Bowel Cancer Intelligence UK Patient-Public Group, Health Data Insight and many others. 

Click on the following links to find out more about members of the team.

Eva Morris - The UK Colorectal Cancer Intelligence Hub Principal Investigator.

Amy Downing – Leader of the Leeds team and a Senior Research Fellow specialising in the analysis of large, population-level, routinely collected datasets, such as cancer registration, hospital admissions and radiotherapy data.

Becky Birch – Research Fellow specialising in healthcare inequalities with projects including the relationship between diabetes and cancer outcomes, the treatment of older patients and the use of routine data to assess comorbidity. 

Pete Hall – Clinical Senior Lecturer in Cancer Informatics and Health Economics 

Elizabeth Lemmon – Research Fellow 

Tameera Rahman – Data Analyst at Health Data Insight. 

Paul Affleck – Programme Manager dedicated to supporting applicants with their CORECT-R requests.

Hannah Rossington – Programme Manager dedicated to supporting applicants with their CORECT-R requests. 

Emily Boldison – Engagement Manager working to ensure patient and public involvement is embedded in the Hub’s work through developing effective working relationships with patients, the public and wider colleagues. Also working with stakeholders to ensure we provide the intelligence they need to deliver optimum care. 

The Patient Public Group

It is fundamental to the UK Colorectal Cancer Intelligence Hub that individuals either at risk of, or diagnosed with, cancer are its heart, and that both patients and members of the public have confidence in the secure use of their data.  

The Bowel Cancer Intelligence UK Patient-Public Group UK (BCI UK PPG) is a team of highly engaged independent patient advocates who engage with and represent the colorectal cancer population. Their role is to ensure that the Hub is used for the purposes patients deem to be the most important and acceptable to the general public.  

The BCI PPG provide expert patient input into a number of research programmes and have a dedicated website.